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Balanced Compensation
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The ability to retain and reward executive talent is key to a business’s long-term success. BCC offers executive benefits planning, financing and management services to our clients that balance the needs of the employer and the executive.

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Business Compensation Planning Services from BCC

Our expertise is in helping clients demystify the complexities associated with implementing and funding executive retirement plans and other long-term balance sheet commitments. We spend the necessary time to understand a client’s business and then present the benefit and impact of various plans to support these goals by using a proven, conservative funding approach to help offset the costs of these plans.

Our business compensation services include:

Custom Planning

Designing customized executive incentives, deferral, and bonus plans that align the individual’s interests with those of the business’s strategic plan.

Expert Analysis

Our analyses allow us to advise clients on a full range of benefit plans, as well as funding options, investment strategies, and product options.

Implementation & Oversight

We oversee implementation from start to finish, making sure that the process of bringing the plans to reality is a worry-free, seamless experience for clients.

Business Compensation Consulting

Long Term Administration

Administrative capabilities and a service organization that supports a business’ compensation plan throughout its lifetime.

With a myriad of choices available, when it comes to retirement programs, clients appreciate and value a partner who can assist them in determining the right balance between protection needs, legal issues and regulatory constraints on one hand, and costs, profitability and shareholder value on the other.

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If you’re interested in creating and implementing superior compensation plans that generate value for your company by appealing to top-level executives and pleasing shareholders, contact us. We look forward to working with you!