Plano, Texas


Maria Kell

Sr. Executive Compensation Consultant

(214) 803-2846 / Maria.Kell@bcc-usa.com

Maria Kell has worked for over 25 years in the financial industry. Her expertise in mergers and acquisitions, lending, credit, accounting, and retail banking gives her a broad, holistic perspective, enabling her to provide innovative solutions to her clients’ needs. 

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Rob Barton, JD, MBA

Executive Compensation Consultant

(214) 919-2927 / Rob.Barton@bcc-usa.com

Rob Barton has advised financial institutions in the areas of nonqualified benefits and Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (COLI) for a decade. Working with businesses nationwide, Rob has extensive experience in design, administration and regulatory requirements of nonqualified retirement plans.

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Bryan Hanks

Executive Compensation Consultant

(281) 381-3506 / Bryan.Hanks@bcc-usa.com

Bryan C. Hanks has served the financial services industry over the last 18 years. His expertise centers on Board Directors, C-level, and Senior Executives across community based lending and saving institutions. He is responsible for implementing key employee planning and retention strategies.

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Tyler Moore

Executive Compensation Consultant

(214) 919-2903 / Tyler.Moore@bcc-usa.com

Tyler Moore has worked for 22 years in the financial industry primarily as a financial advisor. His expertise is working with business owners and financial institutions, which gives him a broad, holistic perspective that enables him to provide innovative solutions to his client’s needs.

Missouri Office

St. Louis

Marlow, Steve 0028 Web2

Steven J. Marlow, CPA, MAcc

Consulting Principal

(314) 746-2807 / Steve.Marlow@bcc-usa.com

Steven J. Marlow has been advising businesses regarding nonqualified benefit plans and the utilization of life insurance as an informal funding vehicle for more than 20 years. He began his career in KPMG’s Tax Department. At KPMG he helped create products designed specifically for the corporate marketplace and resolve technical issues related to existing Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) programs.

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Jill Mahler

Associate Consultant

(314) 784-2827 / Jill.Mahler@bcc-usa.com

Jill Mahler supports client acquisitions for BCC’s St. Louis office, working closely with consultant Steve Marlow since 2013. Jill’s philosophy when working with clients and prospects is to practice active listening, while helping to uncover the primary concerns and motivations of the organization. She loves a challenge and enjoys brainstorming creative and effective solutions that analyze the big picture and all of the individual moving parts.

Ricketts, Chanel 0013 Web2

Chanel Ricketts

Director of Marketing

(314) 746-2801 / Chanel.Ricketts@bcc-usa.com

Chanel Ricketts heads up the marketing department for BCC's St. Louis office, working closely with Consulting Principal, Steve Marlow and Associate Consultant, Jill Mahler. Chanel's main objective when working with clients is to be an exceptional communicator and intent listener. She provides, not only expert knowledge in her field, but also utilizes her honesty and sincerity to guarantee "peace of mind" and trust among her clients and colleagues.

West Coast Office


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Robert Orr

Executive Compensation Consultant

(425) 868-0448 / Robert.Orr@bcc-usa.com

Robert Orr has more than 30 years of experience with a main focus in the insurance and investment fields. He works with financial institutions in the areas of nonqualified benefits and Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (COLI).

Wisconsin Office


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John M. Anderson, C.P.A.

Sr. Executive Compensation Consultant

(608) 836-3080 / John.Anderson@bcc-usa.com

John M. Anderson brings more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He has worked as a Senior Consultant focused on the design, implementation and administration of nonqualified executive benefit plans that often included the use of COLI financing strategies. John has also worked as a Partner at the accounting firm of Virchow, Krause and Company.


Jonathan T. Anderson

Executive Compensation Consultant

(414) 793-9255 / Jonathan.Anderson@bcc-usa.com

Jonathan Anderson joined BCC in January of 2015 as a consultant specializing in new business development and client support. He brings with him over 10 years of experience in various facets of business. With a strong analytical ability blended with creativity not typically seen in the industry, Jonathan has strong problem solving skills that translate into quality solutions for clients.

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